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Anthony Hopkins
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Brad Pitt by Steven Klein
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Brad Pitt by Steven Klein
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Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises
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Jack Nicholson
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Salvador Dali and François Marie Banier,
by Alècio de Andrade, Hôtel Meurice, Paris 1970 
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Tim Burton with a trained squirrel on the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
by Mary Ellen Mark, London, England 2004
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Nick Cave, My best friends are Smith & Wesson
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Jude Law
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Mikhail Baryshnikov and Twyla Tharp by Richard Avedon
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Truman Capote by Richard Avedon
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Gary Oldman
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Colin Farrell by Greg Williams
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Joaquin Phoenix
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Dustin Hofman and Laurence Olivier on the set of Marathon Man
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Paul Bettany by Lorenzo Agius
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